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Honey Night - Medena Nok

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Skopje, on the night of the National holiday of the recently independent Republic of Macedonia, and also the 10th wedding anniversary of Nikola (deputy minister) and his wife Anna. The story begins with their arrival at home from the gala reception hosted by the Prime Minister. Anna and Nikola are facing their biggest marriage crises so far. She starts a quarrel as he has forgotten their anniversary. On the other side Nikola is completely obsessed by the current political scandal involving his Ministry resulting in the arrest of the Minister and his chief associates regarding one major privatization deal. He’s afraid that he might be arrested too for the reason of him being the sole author of the report of the disputed privatization. His intention at the moment is to hide and destroy the compromising evidence he keeps at home that might connect him with this affair. His fears and assumptions that he’s been followed and his home is bugged become true during the night. In the midst of the couple’s fight the secret police pay them an unexpected visit. Later on they discover the whole house is bugged. In this newly arisen situation Anna forgets her anger and is taken over by fear for her husband’s destiny. They don’t argue anymore. In the peak of this paranoia, Nikola is trying to commit suicide. After a long, turbulent and exhausting night, Nikola reconciles with his destiny and waits for the dawn.

Original Title Medena Nok
English Title Honey Night
Year of production 2015
Runing Time 89 min
Cast Nikola Ristanovski, Verica Nedeska
Director Ivo Trajkov
Producer Robert Jazadziski (Kaval Film), Branislav Srdic (Aatalanta), Jordi Niubo (i/o post), Pavel Rejholec (SoundSquare)
Editor Andrija Zafranovic
ScreenWriter Ivo Trajkov
Director of Photography Milorad Glusica
Production Designer Ivan Bartling
Music Toni Kitanovski
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Honey Night - Medena Nok (trailer) YouTube
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