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Kaval Film has produced several short films.

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Mysterious Russian girl arrives in a small town with only one purpose to commit suicide in a most romantic way…

Original Title For Losers Only
English Title For Losers Only
Year of production 2013
Runing Time 35 min
Cast Victoria Mirovaya, Sasko Kocev, Verica Nedeska,
Director Ivo Trajkov
Producer Robert Jazadziski (Kaval Film), Victoria Mirovaya
Editor Michael Reich
ScreenWriter Verica Nedeska
Director of Photography Goran Naumovski
Music Toni Kitanovski
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Milena, a successful photographer from Macedonia decides to visit Prague and surprise her secret lover. Instead of a warm welcome, Milena faces the emptiness of the city. Most of the time she is alone thinking of their relationship and waiting for her mystique lover to appear. The city slowly drives her into a paranoid journey in which she is forced to face her greatest wishes, desires and fears. Her life is spinning in circles. Alone and desperate, she decides to break that circle...

Original Title Nedovrsena prikazna
English Title Breaking the circles
Year of production 2012
Runing Time 19 min
Cast Verica Nedeska, Pavel Reznicek, Jitka Schneiderova
Director Naum Mihajlovski
Producer Robert Jazadziski
Editor Michael Reich
ScreenWriter Naum Mihajlovski, Verica Nedeska
Director of Photography Dimitar Popov
Music Jordan Kostov
Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:30

An Average Speed

Is the right way always forward? Is there only one way in life we follow? Do we have a choice on that way? Can we choose our co-passengers? Are we all moving with our own average speed along this way? Two young directors are shooting a road movie having troubles with the script until they pick up a mysterious girl. The story writes itself...

Original Title Prosecna Brzina
English Title Average Speed
Year of production 2004
Runing Time 15 min
Cast Danilo Mandic, Flora Dostovska, Ivica Manasievski
Director Naum Mihajlovski
Producer Robert Jazadziski
Editor Igor Jovcevski
ScreenWriter Nikola Trajkov
Director of Photography Dimitar Popov
Music Toni Michevic
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