Macedonia is film-makers friendly. It would take you 4 to 14 days to obtain permits to shoot at a municipal property area, 20 days if it’s something top-security or governmental, and 2 to 5 days for private areas. Aerial shootings need an additional permission only in case of shooting in the state border areas.Variety of Macedonian landscapes and a wide natural zoning could offer any possible landscape for the exterior shootings. The country is washed by Black and Azov seas on South. Those coasts are quite diverse – sands, placers of pebble, cliffs, shallow waters and lagoons. Landscapes of Popova Sapka, Bistra and Pelister Mountains differ from small hills with folios and coniferous forests to the crags and snow-covered hills. Floral world of Macedonia is represented by forest, forest-steppe and steppe zone replicates many of the European landscapes – from Scandinavia to Mediterranean islands. Macedonia hosts about 116 castles, 110 palaces, 37 town halls, 124 wooden churches, several mosques and cave monasteries.Initially, you would need to provide us with a brief, outlining the requirements for your project. If we do not have the location you require in our library, our experienced scouts can find any location to match your requirements. Once the location is found, we’ll take responsibility for the permissions and whole management of location.

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